A more
human way

to look at instagram analytics.


DNA for Insta is the ultimate tool kit for any influencer or business.



We provide a more human way to look at and understand your Instagram analytics. With our personalized posting tools, you can easily craft the perfect post.

We Believe in

We believe in empowering the diversity of your feed & your followers by helping you plan your feed perfectly and telling you which posts your followers love the most.

Our goal is to help you maintain a consistent presence on Instagram and understand your analytics in an effective way.


We Go Beyond

DNA gives you access to personalized posting tools, make it easy for you to do what you love and grow your audience.

We want to go beyond basic engagement metrics to bring you analytics you can take action on.

  1. Get the best three times to post everyday
  2. Create custom hashtag sets based
    on the trendiest hashtags
  3. Compare your post action rate on every single post