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DNA for Insta, Built for Influencers

Saving influencers time and money, while also helping them understand their analytics, that's why we created DNA for Insta. With the convenience of being an all-in-one app, DNA for Insta offers every tool Instagram professional accounts need for success.

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We’ve created DNA for Insta, because we understand the power of targeted content distribution and the necessity for advertisers to initiate instant activation. With DNA for Insta you get first-party analytics, instant activation, and most importantly, the ability to price your campaigns using a CPM model. Forget paying hundreds or thousands for a post that may or may not perform, and start paying influencers based on their true performance metrics.
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For Influencers

We believe that being an influencer is much more than simply creating content. It's cultivating an audience that values you. The question is, are you tapping into the full potential of your audience? The answer is probably not. That's why we've developed the industry's simplest app, solely dedicated to optimizing your Instagram content and connecting you with paid campaign opportunities. Do what you do best, and let DNA for Insta save you time and help you make money.


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