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For Musicians.

For Musicians.

Elevate Your Sound. Expand Your Audience.

Dive into a new era of music distribution. Directly reach listeners who are eager to discover your sound.


Built for the Artists of Today.

You’re not just a musician; you’re a pioneer in the digital music revolution. While your music graces major streaming platforms, DNA offers a bridge to listeners craving your sound but haven’t yet discovered you.

As a Musician: Transform fans and creators into your promotional powerhouse. Your tunes on their platforms equal unparalleled visibility..
As a Creator: Unlock the potential of your platform. Engage with campaigns that resonate, sharing your musical journey while earning at every turn.

How It Works.


Upload & Define: Introduce your latest track or promotional content into our campaign hub.


Target Your Audience: Pinpoint listeners from new fans to genre aficionados—craft the audience of your dreams.


Empower Your Promoters: Leverage fans and creators to broadcast your music. Set your own terms for impressions and views.


Track & Triumph: Revel in your music’s growth and engagement, all tracked in real-time for your eyes only.

Your New Music Distributor: A Conductor for Your Campaigns.

Launch into a strategic distribution journey with DNA. Upload your sound, fine-tune your audience, and set your budget. Your music is then showcased exclusively to a curated audience that matches your selected criteria—this is precision-targeted distribution at its best.


Our Pledge to You.

Amplification Without Limits.

Don’t let your music fade into the backdrop of digital space. With DNA, every note you play is set to resonate across the vast expanse of potential listeners. Begin your campaign and watch as your music reaches beyond boundaries, ensuring every melody and lyric finds its echo in the hearts of new listeners.